Wonderful Midori

As of today (11/15/12), thanks to all of you that took interest in the "Wonderful Midori Charity" we've raised $1200 plus towards Cancer Therapy Research and spreading valuable information to those in need. I will be sending a check (one of many I hope) to the Gerson Institute today.

Our love is with Midori. In knowing her and understanding how she dedicated her life to helping others, she would be very proud of all of you that supported this cause. I'm exited to know that this money is going to help out someone, to some capacity, afflicted with this terrible disease. Moreover, by pulling together and with a little compassion, I know we can make a significant difference in the world.

I'm still getting donations daily for this cause and I will continue to send all proceeds to The Gerson Instutute...

I couldn't have done it without you!


To find out more about the wonderful things they do, you can check out The Gerson Institute here: http://gerson.org

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